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Leeds reacts: Academic claims ‘bring home the bacon’ could be axed to avoid vegan upset

By Harry McMullen

Everyday terms such as ‘taking the bull by the horns’ and ‘killing two birds with one stone’ could go out of fashion as they may be offensive for vegans according to academic.

Dr Shareena Hamzah, a researcher from Swansea University, predicts that terms like ‘opening up a can of worms’ will be replaced with the alternatives like ‘opening up Pandora’s box’ to avoid causing such offence.

Dr Hamzah believes that it is influence from animal rights charities such as PETA that will lead to animal friendly alternatives replacing the current terminology across the English language.

PETA have led a year long campaign trying educate the public on alternatives to animal relation puns and sayings.

The people at Leeds Outdoor Market have reacted to Dr Hamzah’s linguistic predictions.

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