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Leeds MP Mulholland storms out of the Commons

Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland

Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland

By Caroline Grandjean

Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland was told “don’t argue the toss” and “don’t shake your head, mate” by Speaker John Bercow after he took too long to ask a question in the Commons today.

He lost his temper after he was advised to keep his query to health ministers brief due to the large demand from his fellow parliamentarians wanting to pose their own questions.

The Leeds North West MP was cut off and ordered to sit down while attempting to press ministers about delays in decisions over drug funding.

Earlier this month, Mr Mulholland strongly criticised the NHS for “passing the buck” over whether or not it will grant interim funding for the Vimizim and Translarna drugs.

The pair quarrelled, with Mr Mulholland pointing at the Speaker and telling him the issue was “important” before continuing to shout as he walked out of the chamber.

John Bercow said it was a discourtesy to the House of Commons.

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