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Leeds honours Mandela Day for first time since his death

Nelson Mandela banner

The people of Leeds will today be paying their respects to Nelson Mandela who helped change the future of a country divided by race and prejudice.

Today marks the former South African President’s birthday and is the first Nelson Mandela International Day since the insperational champion of civil rights passed away aged 95. He died in December last year.

The ocassion honours Mandela’s legacy through voulenteer work and community service as well as upholding the late leader’s values. The date also celebrates Mandela’s birthday.

When serving an 18 year imprisonment, for fighting against the then apartheid government, the Leeds citizens showed solidarity with Mandela. He was embraced by a 5,000 strong crowd when he visited the city in 2001.

While visiting  he toured the Nelson Mandela gardens, opened in 1983, and was made an honorary freeman in a meeting with Leeds City Council.


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