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Leeds Griffins score a 4-1 win over Manchester

I was lucky enough to speak to James Bell from Leeds Griffins hockey team after his 4-1 win over Manchester in ‘one of their best performances in quite a while’, and speaks on the good teamwork and communication in the game, but still wants to look ahead and improve the teams performance next season.

The man of the match goes to one of the first line defence, Sophie, who played her last game or the Leeds Griffin with an outstanding performance to shut down the oppositions attackers, only allowing them a single goal through the game, in an amazing last match in a Leeds Griffins top.

James spoke on the advantage of being at home, with a strong turnout of fans to cheer on Leeds that Bell thought definitely had an impact on the game. The large amount of fans really supported the team and made sure that they put in 100% effort and pressure and got them to get the result from the Manchester side.

Bell also spoke on some advice for new hockey players looking to start playing, and how important it is to look up from the ice and be able to look at the game as it unfolds. With this also comes a high level of skill of skating as you need to be able to perform on the ice without looking down at all, and that requires a lot of confidence.

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