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Leeds: Deadline for Woodhouse Ridge planning comments draws near

A CGI image created by Addison Planning showing the proposed development at Woodhouse Ridge. The existing care home can be seen on the left.

By Jack Walker

Leeds City Council has extended the deadline for members of the public to submit their objections to the planned development on Woodhouse Ridge.

Objections were opened in September, and the public now has until November 27 to object to the development, which is for 60 new retirement apartments and an access route next to Grove Park Care Home on Grove Lane, Headingley.

The plans have met with 266 objections at the time of publication.

Tim Goodall, coordinator of the Headingley and Hyde Park Green Party, said: “One of my main concerns is that developers have put in planning proposals for this site several times in just a few years.

“As soon as we let them encroach on what is a vital green space, they’ll just want to take more.

“It’s such an important green corridor from the city centre to the countryside and is a wonderful green lung for the city.”

In his objection, Mark Wilson of Balbec Avenue, Headingley, said: “This application is to build within a designated urban green corridor.

“I object most strongly to this application since it breaches the council’s policy to protect urban green corridors from development.”

Isobel Cameron, of Grosvenor Mount, Headingley, voiced similar concerns and said: “It is absolutely shocking that the council are considering destroying part of the rare, wonderful and necessary Meanwood Valley green corridor.

“Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

The area highlighted in red on the map below shows the area that the council has earmarked for this development.

According to Data Mill North, 77 of the 426 proposed and completed developments in Leeds, in the three months between January 1 2019 and March 31 2019 were on greenfield sites, including the Woodhouse Ridge development.

A greenfield site is one which has not previously been developed.

When asked for comment, Leeds City Council did not respond.

Objections and other documents relating to this development can be found here.

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