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Leeds City Council launches anti-litter campaign with Litter Free Leeds

LitterFree Leeds is launching a campaign with Leeds City Council to reduce the amount of mess that is plaguing Leeds’ city streets.

Recycling rates in the city have plummeted whilst flytipping has soared by 700%.

Recycling rates in Leeds have plummeted since 2016 while fly tipping rates have skyrocketed, according to councillors.

Litter Free Leeds aims to bring people together to keep Leeds’ roads, pavements, parks and pavements and green spaces clean and litter free.

They also plan to change the behaviour of the individuals who don’t realise or care about the impact they have on the environment with their littering, flytipping and a dog fouling activities.

 So far Litter Free Leeds has over 3000 volunteers and have collected 60 tonnes of litter as of 2021.

Currently Leeds City council are planning on increasing opening hours at tips and scrapping the bulky waste collection charges.

The controversial £20 charges were introduced in 2018 and was raised to £30 for collection of large household items from people’s homes.

The charges have been argued by Litter Free Leeds to have contributed to the rise of fly-tipping  across the city.

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