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35th annual Kirkstall Festival kicks off this Saturday

Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey

By Emma Kirwan

One of the largest community led festivals in Leeds is back this weekend for the 35th year running.

The 2015 Kirkstall Festival is on Saturday 11 July at Kirkstall Abbey.

It is run entirely by volunteers and receives a small proportion of its funding from Council grants, but is mainly self-financing raising money from the stalls, food franchises, fairground and programme sales. 

Last year it attracted 25,000 people and with over 160 stalls, bands and a fair ground Kirkstall Abbey is set to be in for a busy weekened.

The Festival procession will be leaving Hesketh Road at 12 noon to arrive at the Abbey at 1 pm via the following 1.5 mile route (1.7 miles for those starting from the back).

The festival is free, but organisers have asked the public to buy a programme on the way in for two pounds which will go towards planning for the next festival in 2016.

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