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Ilkley: Caffe Nero team wins staff night out

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Shauna Taylor

Caffe Nero Ilkley celebrate their reward for having the best sales in the West Yorkshire area. 
From left to right: Amy Robinson, Niamh Squires, Luke Moran, Aryan Gornall, Peter Crosby, Johnathan Simes, and Emma Elizabeth

The Caffe Nero Ilkley team is celebrating their fully paid night out after winning the best ‘Single Origin’ sales in the area.

Single Origin is Nero’s newest coffee, this time it is from Peru, it is derived from one area rather than two like the ‘Classico’ blend (Guatemala and Robusto).  

Teams across the country were invited to compete for the reward by selling the most single origin coffee.

Not only was the staff night out fully paid, but employees got double the usual amount to spend.

Caffe Nero Ilkley has some of the best ratings among local businesses, and manager, Jonathan Simes said: “I am so proud of the team, they’ve worked so hard, and they deserve this treat.”

Shift leader Emma Elizabeth said: “It’s been hard to get this staff night, the incentive really pushed us to go for the best sales.”

The Ilkley team had a whopping 46% of sales being Single Origin – 12% above the team that came in second place.

Staff nights out are a vital part for Nero’s staff as it brings the team closer together and creates friendships that continue even outside of work.  

Peter Crosby, an assistant manager said, “I’ve made loads of mates working here, I love the staff nights especially for the newer staff who’re still nervous.”

Maestro Luke Moran added: “I’m new here so I’m glad I’ve got this staff night to chat to people outside of work.”  

This is not the only reward coming to the Ilkley team after Nero suffered losses and sales plummeted during Covid. Another incentive was given, offering a prize to whichever team brings their sales up the most.

Originally this prize was unknown, but recently Caffe Nero Ilkley was revealed to be the winners with each member of staff winning £70. In total the team won £560 split between each of them. 

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