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Bradford tech company launches appeal for phone and laptop donations this Christmas

A tech company in Bradford has launched a Christmas appeal to improve access to technology for people in need this Christmas.

Solidaritech works with individuals and organisations to collect unused and damaged gadgets which they repair and recycle to be donated for refugees and asylum seekers to use.

CEO of Solidaritech, Ben McKenna, is determined to increase the number of donations this Christmas with the appeal.

“We did a big count up and in the last 12 months we have got 1400 machines out to people. The reason we are doing the Christmas appeal is because the demand is outweighing the supply. Over Christmas we usually help hundreds of people. We know that there are a lot of resources that are not tapped into in terms of technical kit that is just sitting in someone’s bookshelf or being used as a doorstopper and we are there to intercept that.

“We see a lot of organisations who get rid of their old technology on a cost neutral basis through other companies, but what we’re asking is to hand it over to us instead. We want people to use their unused resources and put them to good at Christmas.”

Ben explained that anyone can get involved, whether that is by being a donation point, making drop-offs, or being a volunteer for the company.

“If you come in to drop off your collections, we give you a page on our website with a short URL or QR code for people to access so that it is super hassle free and easy. You can also spread our message and get others involved.”

CEO of Solidaritech explains how to get involved with the Christmas appeal

Solidaritech recognises the importance of getting access to technology throughout Yorkshire, especially to migrants who struggle integrating into the community.

Ben said: “Everyone takes part in society via the lens of technology. If we give everyone the opportunity to succeed in this country, then we can use that resource a lot better because many of these people are coming here because they’re fleeing from another place. Some of these people are doctors, lawyers and engineers, so it is activating and getting those people into society using technology.

Donation drop offs can be made at Assembly House, North Parade, Bradford.

More information on how to get involved is available on their website at

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