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Huddersfield 1 Stoke City 1

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6th place Huddersfield manage to hold on to their 10 game unbeaten streak against Stoke City after drawing 1-1 to at the John Smith Stadium after a dodgy 2nd half for the Terriers and 7 mins added extra time.

Josh Komora managed to get the opening goal in the 26th min after an outside the box shot curls past Bonham into the bottom right. However, Stoke manage to dominate the 2nd half and get one back from Brown in the 78th min after a great long shot.

Huddersfield managed to but up a good fight first half after a Danny Ward misses header after a great run and cross by Josh Koroma in the 3rd min and a 8th min O’Brien shot denied by Bonham from the left hand side of the box. However the Yorkshire team played a dangerous game after Koroma badly clashes with Hardwood-Bellis but manages to escape a controversial red card as the referee Gavid Ward couldn’t see the full tackle in the 20th Min. They finally managed to break through after Josh Komora scored a goal with a bottom right curler after good play from O’Brien to get the assist in the 26th min.

The Yorkshire side began the 2nd half with a world class block from Pearson to deny Stoke a great goal in the 46th min. Furthermore, Midfielder Hogg takes a knock in the 60th min after colliding with Fletcher. Nicholls was playing magnificent in the goalkeeping position saving many long ranged shots from Stoke however managed to wind himself in the 68th min after claiming the ball after a shot from Brown. Huddersfield made their 1st subs in the 71 min taking off goalscorer Koroma for Holmes and Ward for Roades in a double substitution. They are later denied a goal in the 74th min after Holmes misses a header on a rebounded shot. Corberan’s side were playing significantly worse second half only having one shot from the 45th – 75th min. Huddersfield ended the game with Holmes getting a knock after a collision with Brown in the 95th min.

Stoke didn’t seem to want the win in the 1st half after a Thompson Yellow card after foul on O’Brien in the 4th min and a Knock to Flecther after clashing with a Huddersfield’s Centre-Back in the 14th. Although these hindrances they managed a great shot from Vrancic in the 18th min that was saved Nicholls. Nicholls also made another great save in the 31st min to deny Philogene-Bidace a certain goal after the winger caught Pearson out of position. Stoke were also unlucky to be denied a penalty in the 27th min after a sliding challenge to their striker in the box is glossed over by Gavin Ward. Stoke’s luck kept going down after Wilmot earns a yellow card in the 44th min after a challenge on Komora.

The side started off the 2nd half by subbing off Thompson for Joe Allen hoping for an impact from the Welsh Pirlo. The referee didn’t seem to be on Micheal O’Neill’s side today as he gives away another free kick in the 51st min for an Allen ‘handball’ after he was pushed to their floor by two Huddersfield players. Stoke City’s luck kept getting worse as they lose Mario Vrancic to injury in the 57th min forcing the side to but on Nick Powell from the substitute bench. Nevertheless Stoke were looking a lot better in the 2nd half having 69% possession in the first 10 mins. Stoke made their last substitute in the 63rd min taking off Brown for Fletcher. Jacob Brown manages to capitalise on Stokes 2nd Half dominance scoring a long ranged goal after the ball rebounds off Philogene-Bidace and Campbell’s shots in the 78th min. Brown is later fowled and knocked by O’Brien in the 82nd min which earned the Terrier a Yellow Card.

The game ends as a draw after some controversial refereeing and a great 2nd half performance from Stoke.

Huddersfield manage to hold onto their unbeaten streak but for how long after that 2nd half performance?

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