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Housing association secures funds for Windrush Day exhibition

A housing association has secured Government funding to host an exhibition to celebrate the successes of people from the Windrush Generation in Leeds.

Unity Homes and Enterprise based in Chapeltown will feature video interviews with local Windrush reformers who live in the area, to highlight their stories of resilience after they came to the UK as young children.

Hughbon Condor is one of the Windrush reformers who will feature in the video montage at the event.

Hughbon Condor, costume designer based in Leeds

He came over to England when he was just a child, but says that he still remembers not being about to ‘compute the concept’ of the sun shining during the winter months, but it was cold.

Hugbon recalled his Christmases in the Caribbean being celebrated by Carnival, and that is what inspired him to become a costume designer in the UK.

He told Yorkshire Voice that he joined a ‘carnival committee’ when he finished school here because he loved the carnival culture when he was back at home in St Kitts.

He said: “It was really great because it was he first time I had been with a group of people where we had been in a majority, in the carnival committee we were a majority and it was good to have that togetherness, almost like when we were in the Caribbean.”

Hughbon is one of many successful Windrush reformers based in Chapeltown, Leeds.

Other videos will feature a lawyer, business owners and a midwife, to showcase their experiences and achievements in the UK.

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