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ABSO Crimes reported by West Yorkshire Police decreases in five year period

By Yorkshire Voice Reporter

The overall total number of recorded Anti-social behaviour orders issued by West Yorkshire Police had decreased by 20,865 orders between a five year period.

The total number of recorded ASBO’s by West Yorkshire police has decreased over a five year period.

The year 2016 had a total number of 73,327 recorded ASBO’s issued by West Yorkshire police and the following years saw an incremental decrease in the number of orders issued.

The year 2017 saw a total of 61,594, 2018 saw a total of 51,886 and 2019 had 45,258

Yet the total number of recorded ASBO’s issued increased for the year 2020 rising to 52,462.

It is not capable yet to see if the orders issued increase for the year 2021 due to the year not yet finishing.

The data was taken from statistics provided on, which also provided data and accompanying statistics for other crimes with a monthly breakdown since 2011.

The Total number of ASBO’s issued was calculated by adding up the numbers of each month in the given year,

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