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Horsforth Walk of Art a resounding success


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By Emma Kirwan

Horsforth schools, artists and musicians came together over the weekend to show what the town has to offer creatively, making the first Horsforth Walk of Art a resounding success.

The project was set up by devoted mother Lara Rule, who started with the idea of planting homemade bird boxes around the town and later developed the project into a two day celebration of art.

The walk lead visitors around the town, and kept children involved with a hunt for knitted rabbits, which were dotted along the route.

Curator, Mrs Rule, 35, said: “The whole point was to say: look we are amazing. We wanted it to be about people coming together creatively and enjoying something for free, as well as giving the kids something to enjoy.”

Even after her success Mrs Rule remained humble about what she has achieved in the last nine months.

Close friend Marie Macarthy, 48, said “Lara is an enabler, she has managed to pull this off and exceed expectations. I don’t think people could wait two years for another Walk of Art, we are already excited for the next one which will hopefully next year.”

Ms Rachael Greenland, 51, a textile tutor and artist who showcased her art over the weekend said “People expected Lara’s enthusiasm to drop off, but it never did and it’s been such a joyful weekend for everyone.”

See the video below for All for One Choir’s performance, which formed part of the ending celebrations.

Mrs Rule is already planning next year’s project, which could involve knitted hedgehogs instead of bunnies.

She said “I’ve learnt a lot from the experience. The feedback has been amazing and I am so grateful to everyone who came a long and got involved. I know this year’s Walk of Art will be unrepeatable, but I am excited to do another- maybe smaller scale- we will see what the community want.”

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