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Holy cow! Yorkshire celebrates Batman turning 75


By Joseph Keith

Today marks the 75th anniversary of DC Comic hero Batman, who has officially appeared in publication since the 1930s.

West Yorkshire fans and comic book shops have been celebrating the Dark Knight in the first ever “Batman Day”.

Liam Barrett, deputy manager at collectibles and comic store Forbidden Planet, the Headrow, Leeds, said: “He’s a stand-out hero and he’s been going for years.

“The movies have really done him justice, from Keaton in the 80s to the current ones with Christian Bale.

“He’s got everything and he’s just a good classic hero, a man out doing good.”

Batman first graced comic pages in 1939 – appearing in Detective Comics’ 27th issue of their series – alongside Chin Lung, Speed Saunders and Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise.

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