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Football matches across the region postponed due to shortage of officials

By Jack Simpson

Football matches in the West Yorkshire Association League last weekend were postponed due to a shortage of officials.

Ilkley Town were due to play Brighthouse Boys in their biggest game of the season, but the fixture was rescheduled the day before.

During the league’s summer annual general meeting, two new committee members were elected with the responsibility of picking match officials for West Yorkshire Association League.

Ilkley Town manager Simon Armstrong said: “The league lost two committee members who knew how to run things.”

Armstrong added: “I don’t think they will just cancel games. I think it’s a last resort, if the officials aren’t out there, then what can you do? It’s frustrating for the club and everyone involved.”

However another club from the same league as Ilkley were not affected by the lack of match officials.

Beeston St Anthony’s, who are currently second in the league, lost 3-2 at the weekend to Wetherby Athletic in one of three games played.

Beeston St Anthony’s manager Mark Halmslaw said: “We haven’t been affected by the cancellations, but I would be disappointed if it was my team that was affected.”

Steve Jones, West Yorkshire Association League chairman, said: “There is just a shortage of match officials and that’s it. I’ve no idea why it’s in the current state at the moment, the whole West Riding is short.”

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