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Far Headingley homes set to create ‘living’ advent calendar this December

Far Headingley is set to light up this December as it hosts its first ever living advent calendar.

Each day of December will see a different house light up its front window with a wintery scene.

The organisers, Far Headingley Village society, put out a post on Facebook calling for residents to take part and volunteer their windows.

The event is the idea of the group’s secretary Posy McTurk who was inspired last Christmas by an article in one of the Sunday papers.

Speaking to Yorkshire Voice, she said: “We’ve had this idea about these advent windows for some time.

“Particularly this year, because we haven’t been able to do anything else, we thought we’d give it a go.”

The event, which aims to bring people together despite the current circumstances, hopes to be as inclusive as possible.

Therefore, the windows only need to be winter themed rather than specifically Christmas themed.

Ms McTurk went on to add: “I think it’ll be really good to cheer people up, people can let their imagination go a bit wild.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re not artistic, I’m sure we’ll get some very artistic ones, but it doesn’t matter if it’s just a child who has been let loose with some tissue paper.”

Although in previous years, similar events have been able to offer mince pies, mulled wine and even musical performances, the event in Headingley will have to work around COVID restrictions.

Nonetheless the idea has proved popular already, with many people volunteering their windows on the Facebook group.

Local resident and volunteer, Alison Hesley said: “I think anything we can do to connect the community at the moment is great.

“We have a long, dark, locked-down winter ahead and it is really nice to have little things to brighten the day.

“I am looking forward to involving my kids in making our window and it also gives me an excuse to drag them out for a walk to see the others.”

The concept, which began in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden, has been emulated across the world, with the first event of its kind in England happening in Henley-on-Thames in 2011.

Here is a taste of what you could be seeing in Far Headingley come December and some inspiration for those taking part.

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