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Eiting has unfinished business with the Terriers

Carel Eiting makes his return to Huddersfield Town this time on a permanent basis. 

The 23-year-old joins as a free agent on a contract that runs until June 2022. He is no stranger to the club, or the fans having impressed on a loan from Ajax scoring 3 goals and recording 3 assists. 

His relationship in the club and the region is important to him, and he highly speaks of the club’s head of football operation Leigh Bromby. 

He said: “I have a good relationship with Leigh Bromby, so when the opportunity arose, I knew I wanted come back to Town. “I feel very at home in West Yorkshire!”  

“I never got to play in front of Town fans last time, so I’m really excited to meet them! “The atmosphere here at the minute is amazing – I’m excited to be a part of it. “The group is feeling something, they’re doing well, and I’m excited to watch it live tomorrow!” 

The Dutchman talks on what the coach wants of him, and how his teammates welcomed him back at the club. This makes it easy for him to get stuck in straight away without any delays.  

Him and his family have been keeping up to date with the team this season. Which shows the loyalty to the club. 

He added: “I know what the Coach wants and I know what the players want having been here before, so that makes it easier for me to adapt. “I just want to have the biggest impact that I can have and help the team and make the fans happy.” 

“I’m match fit, so when Carlos calls on me, I’m ready to go! “I really hope that I can play the maximum amount of games – I’m really excited to show everyone what I can do.” 

“The dressing room all welcomed me back with open arms. “I’ve heard a lot about Sorba Thomas, so I’m excited to play alongside him.

“I can play every position in midfielder, so wherever the team needs me, I’ll be there.” 

“Me and my entire family have been following Town this season. “When you go to a Club and you enjoy it, they become part of you.” 

“There was some unfinished business at Town – I need to experience games with our fans! “It’s the same for my family, they weren’t able to see me in action when I was here last season, so they’re very excited for me!”  

“Every moment in football is important. “Every upcoming game is important, we can’t miss chances. “I’m confident in myself and in the team, so let’s push ourselves and see what we can do.” 

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