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Dangerous driving sparks major safety concerns for primary school children in Horsforth

Poster promoting safety outside Westbrook Lane Primary School in Horsforth

By Maisie Clancy 

PARENTS AND Governors fear Horsforth primary school children could be injured or killed by drivers breaking the law.

Westbrook Lane Primary School has received reports of cars driving the wrong way through the one-way system past the school.

Leeds City Council has investigated traffic problems outside schools in Horsforth, and highlighted the importance of sorting out the issues with the one-way system at Westbrook Lane.

School governor Martin Hughes, 61, said: “Westbrook Lane is unique as it has a one-way system – well at least most of the time it’s one way.

“People in small vehicles feel it is okay to go against the flow of the traffic.”

Residents explained that signposting is not clear enough for people who do not know the area well.

Parking is also a difficulty close to the school causing congestion at peak times and leading to safety concerns, leading to an appeal to parents to park safely.

Mr Hughes said: “Parents are irrational and put on blinkers when they pick their children up. They think it’s okay to park on the yellow lines for 30 seconds and that’s when the accidents happen.”

In 2010 Horsforth councillors Brian Cleasby and Chris Townsley called for speed limits to be reduced outside schools in response to concerns of speeding motorists putting lives at risk.

Coun Townsley said: “Everyone is adding to the potential of road traffic accidents, everyone is a contribution to the problem.”

The road safety charity, Brake, revealed that nationally the number of children killed outside schools increased to 54 in 2016, most occurring as children were leaving school.

Westbrook Lane has lost the facility of their lollipop man after he was taken ill and so far there is no sign of a replacement.

Magda Majzherek, 33, parent of a child at the school, said: “I have difficulty crossing the road without the lollipop man.

“It makes me concerned for my children’s safety, sometimes I can’t cross the road for about five minutes.”

Parent, Lynsey Bull, 42, Horsforth, said: “People need to be made more aware this is a school route.

“The zebra crossings aren’t that safe, drivers during peak times will just go straight across them.”

Westbrook Lane School said it is continuing to work with Leeds City Council to keep the children safe.

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