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Cyber experts warn businesses after hackers attack Lincolnshire hospitals


By Jessica Greenway

CYBER EXPERTS are warning that business owners need to do more to secure clients’ information following an attack on hospitals across Lincolnshire. has warned of hackers using increasingly sophisticated techniques including webcams, digital recorders, Twitter accounts, Paypal and Spotify.

A criminal investigation is underway into the attack on computer systems that affected hundreds of patients on October 30, with appointments and operations being cancelled at hospitals in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Goole.

Experts say one in four businesses are affected by hackers every year, and last year fraud losses to small and medium sized enterprises were estimated at £18.9 billion.

Rob Pritchard, of Cyber Hacker Professional said: “Cyber crime is a serious matter and there is a lot people can do with good practise and common sense without buying expensive equipment.

“Hackers steal files and encrypt and hold them for a ransom including customer data, bank accounts and industrial databases.”

The Government has a guide called ‘cyber essentials’ which gives advice on how to prevent attacks before they happen.

The site includes how which anti-virus protection to trust, password protection and the risks of clicking on attachments and links.

Katie Dodson from the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust said: “There is still an ongoing investigation into the attack and we are in no position to issue any information on why or how they hacked into the system.

“The trust is back to being secure and running as normal with more pressure than ever.”

Cyber-crime offences can carry up to five years imprisonment.

PC Joel Murphy said: “Virus attacks are taken very seriously with serious convictions. If found guilty it could result in six months imprisonment and a £5,000 fine.

“We have more reports from attacks from social media sites than any other cyber-attacks.”

Action Fraud is a national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre which offers information about the latest scams, a well as online reporting and advice for victims.

Their website is or follow @ActionFrauduk on Twitter.

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