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Cricket fanatics react to Kohli’s winning moment for India vs Pakistan

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Fans took to social media to live-react after Virat Kohli’s incredible victory for India in the ICC T20 World Cup.

During the much-anticipated match between the two rivals held in Melbourne in front of ninety-thousand fans on Saturday, India needed 13 more from the last three balls in order to secure their win.

India triumphed by four wickets 160-6 (20 overs) while Pakistan was left with 159-8 (20 overs) in the intense tournament.

Kohli, ending with a 82 not out, stole the hearts of India once again as he curated the win for his team.

Passionate cricket fans recognised the efforts and world-class determination of ‘King’ Kohli and took to Twitter to express their reactions to his win:

To Kohli’s dedicated fans, the wholesome moment he and ecstatic teammate Rohit Sharma celebrated with a brotherly embrace on the field, will go down in history.

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