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Couple to conquer each other’s hearts in Viking-themed wedding

viking cake

By Leah Waller

When bridegroom Marcus Sugden talks about bringing his old battle-axe to the wedding, he’s not being rude about his other half.

The 36-year-old from Dewsbury is marrying his fiancée Suzi Vasey in a Viking-themed wedding on Saturday.

The couple are fascinated by the Scandinavian warriors so have decided to dedicate their big day to the seafaring barbarians.

Marcus said: “I am expecting it to be the happiest, most special and awesomely cheesy day of my life. Suzi’s grandfather was Norwegian, and my ancestors were from Norway too, so we decided to have a Viking theme.

“I look like a Viking too, so that helps.”

Suzi, 35, will walk down the aisle at Dewsbury Town Hall to music from a Finnish death metal band, and the couple will wear pendants embellished with the hammer which famously belonged to the Nordic god Thor.

Marcus will be sporting a renaissance style shirt and an ivory waistcoat, finished off with a three quarter length brocade coat, to tie in with the Viking theme.

The reception, which is taking place at the Woodkirk Country Club in Dewsbury, will give their guests the opportunity to join in with the theme, with each one of them getting their very own custom-made Viking helmet.

Blow-up air guitars will be scattered throughout the candlelit room, with logs and flowers prominently placed to finish off the rustic decoration.

Viking cake toppers have been hand made by the bride to feature on the 50 cupcakes, all with their very own helmet, that will make up the wedding cake.

The ‘cut the cake’ moment will also be distinctive from the usual wedding, as the couple are due to slice it with an 18 inch Nordic dagger.

viking dagger


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