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Comic convention moves to Leeds city centre after outgrowing Royal Armouries

By Oliver Lines

THE MANAGER of Leeds’ huge annual comic convention Thought Bubble says that the growing popularity of the event has forced a move of venue.

Thought Bubble, which has been held at the Royal Armouries every year since 2008, will be relocating to Leeds city centre for 2017 following growing popularity in recent years.
However Martha Julian, festival manager of Thought Bubble, insisted that there will not be any other major changes.
“We still very much only want artists and creators there,” she said.
“We have plenty of artists who have done work for Hollywood and TV, but we haven’t gone down the route of having lots of film and TV stars there.
“We’ve got Gerard Way so far, and that’s going to be huge!”
Way, former lead singer of My Chemical Romance, is responsible for the DC Comics imprint Young Animals and Martha says industry ties meant he was announced as 2017’s first guest.
“The director of Thought Bubble, Lisa Wood, is the artist Tula Lotay and she is absolutely huge at the moment,” she said.
“She did a cover for one of Gerard Way’s Young Animal comics called Shade, The Changing Girl, so we have a connection there.
“We think he’s going to draw quite a crowd so we’re just trying to decide where to put him at the moment, since he will have some big queues.”
Increasing numbers at the event meant festival organisers had to move the week-long event, which will be held in September next year, to Millennium Square.
“We ran out of space at the Royal Armouries, despite the fact we had two big halls at our disposal in the New Dock Hall and the Royal Armouries, as well as a marquee for the last few years.
“Next year’s event will be in Millennium Square, Victoria Gardens, and we’ll have the town hall as well.
“One of the amazing things about moving to the city is that it’ll be really visible, so people who happen to be in the city centre will walk by and see it. “
Martha also said to expect many more guest confirmations in the New Year, with some past artists potentially returning.
“Once people have calmed down from Gerard Way, we’ll be making lots of announcements.
 “Charlie Adlard (creator of The Walking Dead) is a very big supporter of Thought Bubble and donated to our children’s workshops this year, and we’d love to get him back.”

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