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Children’s football school finds the right game plan with trading cards


By William Maxwell

A children’s football school has combined their training sessions with trading cards in order to improve their students’ skills.

Catalan Soccer, who train at Goals Leeds in Burley Park, are using these ‘Catalan Cards’ in order to focus their training regimes on particular skill sets.

‘Catalan Cards’ are given to all the students who complete the class

The cards themselves seem to have been influenced by other popular trading card games Pokemon and Match Attax in their design, with the cards given the signature Catalan colours of red and yellow.

The students are then allowed to take these cards home with them to revise with and train themselves at home.

In an interview with Yorkshire Voice, Managing Director Matthew Ogden explained how different footballers influence the training sessions, along with the positive reception the new concept as received.

Although the innovative idea is still young, having only been introduced six weeks ago, the Catalan Cards have proved to be a hit with both the kids and the parents, with the numbers of children joining the Catalan ranks on the rise.


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