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Brownies for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Yorkshire Voice Brownies by Kirsten William-Lee

Leeds resident Kirsten William-Lee is baking brownies to fundraise for a breast cancer charity after 90 per cent of their programmes had to be cancelled as a result of lockdown.

CoppaFeel! is a small charity that is the third recognised breast cancer charity amongst young people.

58 per cent of females, males and non-binary are more likely to check their boobs/pecs regularly if they are aware of the charity.  

Kirsten volunteered at university for CoppaFeel! Uni Boob Team and became a valued team leader for the society; she fell in love with the charity from that moment on.

She will be taking part in their annual Come Fly with Gi Fundraiser with celebrity Giovanna Fletcher, where she will be going on a week-long excursion.

Kirsten has been fundraising for CoppaFeel! for three and a half years and is very dedicated to the charity; she even has a pair of boobs tattooed on her.

Kirsten said: “I have raised £2,759 this trek but I am hoping to get £3,150 by this time next month. Overall, with everything I have done it must be over £6,000 now.

“It is hard to fundraise throughout lockdown. 2020 has created a lot of financial uncertainty and redundancy so people have naturally been more cautious with money. I found it best to offer things such as products or brownies instead of donations.

“It is absolutely imperative that everyone – guys, gals and non-binary pals – are all checking themselves.” 

CoppaFeel! has societies in universities called “Uni Boob team”. 

Leeds team leader Jess Parker said: “We use the power of social media and in-person volunteering to raise awareness amongst young people on campus to check their boobs, we shout about boobs from the rooftops.

“We used to be on campus in a big boob costume and chat with people about what we do.”

For fundraising, they host pub quizzes along with creating a theme drink in the student union bar with 10% of profits go to CoppaFeel!

With the pandemic, they are struggling to volunteer and have to do it all online, but that hasn’t stopped them raising nearly £150. 

CoppaFeel! released a press statement talking about the struggle of fundraising: “This year has been a tough year for most, particularly as a small charity in the midst of a pandemic. CoppaFeel!’s seen 90% of their programmes affected and has had a huge impact on fundraising with many events being cancelled.”

Find out more about CoppaFeel! here.

For more information about Uni Boob Team Leeds, DM them on Instagram (@ubtleeds) or join their Facebook group “Leeds Uni Boob Team 2020/2021” for updates.

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