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Bradford school’s pupils not protected from extremist views

Charlton Bolling College in Bradford has been accused of not doing enough to protect its pupils from extremism and will be placed into special measures, a leaked Ofsted report said.

The school, where the majority of pupils are from Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds, is said in the report to cater well for the needs of Muslim students.

But Ofsted has also accused the school, its governors and its leadership of being inadequate for failing to take into account other world faiths and help students recognise extremist views.

Parent, Shazir Bib, however disagrees with the Ofsted report’s findings and said the school does respect other faiths and is pleased with the quality of teaching at the school.

“I’m quite happy with the school and the staff and the way they protect the kids is very nice. It respects all the faiths.”

The report will mark the significant changes that have taken place at the school, where more than 20 teachers have left or will leave at the end of the school year, which received a good rating in Ofsted’s last inspection and had made significant strides forward in teaching in previous years.

Ofsted’s inspection report comes a month after the alleged ‘Trojan horse’ takeover of Birmingham schools by governors at a number of schools within the city.

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