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Bradford man faces £45,000 fine for selling pirate DVDs

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium

A Bradford man has been ordered to pay back £45,138 for selling pirate DVDs from a shop in Thornton Road.

Adrees Malik, 45, of Brude Road, Bradford, was already serving a prison sentence for selling the DVDs when the West Yorkshire Trading Standards ordered him to pay the substantial damages.

5834 copies of fake discs were seized from Mr Malik and were sent to The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) who concluded that the average loss to the retail industry was £7.25 per pirated discs.

But the figure does not take into account the loss in cinema revenue, which is estimated to be around £42,000.

Mr Malik was then told to pay the money back within six months and will have his prison sentence extended by another 16 months should he fail to pay back the substantial sum.

He would still owe the £45,138 in the event of failing to repay the damages within the six month period.

Councillor, Val Slater, Chair of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee was pleased that a clear message had been sent to possible counterfeiters that it was unacceptable to make and sell illegal goods.

She said: “This is another great result for West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service in a crackdown on shops in Bradford who are involved in the supply of copied DVDs.

“Hopefully this result will make other involved in this illegal activity think twice.”

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