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Beeston looking to forget ten years after 7/7

Mohammed Sidique Khan (left), and Shehzad Tanweer (centre) were both from Beeston. Hasib Hussain (right) was from Holbeck.

Mohammed Sidique Khan (left), and Shehzad Tanweer (centre) were both from Beeston. Hasib Hussain (right) was from Holbeck.

As the country fell silent to remember the 52 killed in the 7/7 bombing, 10 years on residents in Beeston are trying to erase the area’s bad press.

Two of the four suicide bombers were from Beeston, Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, and Shehzad Tanweer, 22, grew up in the Tempest Road area before becoming radicalised and plotting to detonate bombs on the London Underground.

Vivienne Bates, 82, is a retired secretary who has lived on tempest road in Beeston for more than 70 years and only one hundred yards from terrorist ringleader Mohammad Sadique Khan.

She said “We were all shocked to hear that two of the bombers were only from down the road.

“It’s such a shame that their lives have been wasted and I feel for all the victims involved”

She recalled the day when the news broke that two of the terrorists had come from Beeston and said the street was like a media feeding frenzy.

She said: “That was the worst part about it… Beeston has its black spots for sure but the media seemed to focus on those exclusively.

“Beeston doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it gets. It’s a melting pot of religions and races which makes it all the more interesting I think and there’s always been a real sense of community spirit”

The Hamara centre at the heart of tempest road held a minute silence at half eleven this morning and are holding a concert at Cross Flatts Park this evening in an attempt to bring the community together to remember the events 10 years ago.

HAMARA Centre, Beeston

HAMARA Centre, Beeston

The Berakah Players are a collective of musicians from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith heritage and the concert celebrates 10 years of making music for peace.

Also today, Beeston community leaders attended a memorial service being held at Leeds Civic Hall, with civic representatives, faith leaders and police personnel to commemorate the tragic event.

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