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An ocean apart – but can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last the distance?

CELEBRITY relationships are always going to be difficult. There’s the paparazzi and social media trolls to contend with, not to mention the scrutiny of judgemental relatives – and in this case from one of the most famous and powerful families in the world. 

But on top of all that Prince Harry and his actress girlfriend of eight months Meghan Markle also have the added hassle of a long-distance relationship – she films TV legal drama Suits in Toronto, Canada, while he hangs out 3,500 miles away at Kensington Palace… that is when he’s not jetting around the world doing charity work. So can it last?

We sent reporter Lauren Evans out and about to ask: “What to do you think about long distance relationships?”

Bar supervisor Oliver Adams, 20, of Leeds, said: “They don’t work. You can’t express your feelings the same over a text message. It’s a waste of time and you might as well just end it before everything gets too much work.”



Call centre representative Sharon Snowden, 47, of Leeds, said: “I’ve never done one but I think it must be very hard to maintain unless you’re very, very smitten. I probably would go for someone closer.”



Joe Boyd, 19, of Methley, a customer service worker, said: “They’re not the best but they’re not the worst either. If you really want it, you’ll make it work. Though it’ll only work if you both put effort in. Long distance relationships really show you if you’re meant to be together or not. Time apart is the ultimate test in any relationship.”


Maria Anderson, 19, of Leeds, a law student at Huddersfield University, said: “I think that he has enough funds to make a long distance relationship work and seeing as he isn’t next in line to the throne then it’s not like it will take him away from his duties. I think he is human like the rest of us and is entitled to his relationship but he can’t expect it to not to be a big thing in the media due to his position.”

Telecoms engineer Nigel Stewart, 52, of Leeds, said: “It depends on how far they are and what you feel for the person but typically they don’t work. In terms of Harry though, with royal connections you tend to put up with much more if there’s wealth at the end of it.”



Amy Baker, 18, of Rothwell, a Law student at BPP University said: “The heart wants what the heart wants and if you can’t make it work even though you claim you love them then it says a lot about you. Long distance relationships don’t have to be hard to maintain, but the people in them sometimes make it difficult for themselves.”

What do you think?