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All aboard the Candy Cane Express: the latest addition to Harrogate’s Christmas Market that’s bringing the visitors in

Harrogate Christmas Market has made a return this year, with some added attractions to attract people into the town centre.

Covid-19 has prevented many social events from going forward over the last two years.

This year however the restrictions allowed some festivities to go ahead, including Harrogate Christmas market which is open until Sunday December 12.

Last Christmas, families couldn’t celebrate together, Christmas markets were cancelled, people had to exchange gifts in spring and too many people had to make a Christmas dinner for one.

John McGivern, Harrogate Council’s events manager, said this year is slightly different from before as there are several new events available to encourage people to get back to the market while still being Covid safe.

The Candy Cane Express has been a huge hit for the market.

The train takes people all around the town centre showing the best bits of the market like the carousel and the famous Valley Gardens.

 There are also numerous train stops around the town so people can hop on and off when they please.

One of the volunteers running the train, Mrs Clause, said: “It’s free to ride and all the children on board get a free candy cane – because we are the Candy Cane Express.”

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