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8 months of road works to cause delays for drivers at Bradford Road roundabout


A roundabout between Bradford and Leeds will close for major construction work this summer which will continue until March 2015.

Construction on the A647 at Thornbury Barracks Roundabout has been approved in the hope it will reduce congestion levels at the junction and improve

Road works are set to continue at Thornbury Barracks until March 2015.

Road works are set to continue at Thornbury Barracks until March 2015.


The proposals for the roundabout include a reconfiguration of lanes, upgrading existing bus stops, creating three lanes and installing traffic signals on all arms of the roundabout.

Debra Bailey, 47, of Thornbury, said she is happy something is being done about the roundabout and believes the works will help ease congestion.

She said: “The way things are at the moment means it takes a long time to get into Leeds.

“The queues coming down are constant and it takes a long time for them to clear, so hopefully the traffic lights will ease that flow.”

But John Crowley, 51, from Pudsey, is upset that the existing underground subway will be filled in and thinks the replacement traffic lights will not be as safe for pedestrians to use.

He said: “Every day you see drivers flying past here on their mobile phones.

“I don’t think traffic lights will be as safe, all the school kids use that subway. It’s saving lives.”

Notices and diversions have already been placed around the roundabout and there will be some form of diversions until late March 2015.

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