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Yorkshire schoolgirl wins ‘create your own Fiat 500’ competition

Schoolgirl Laila Wilde from Liversedge with her replicated design at Cleckheaton Christmas festival.  Photo credit: Luke Hancock.


By Kamile Banyte.

A 9-year-old schoolgirl from Liversedge has beaten over 400 entries to win a competition to design a Fiat 500.

The Stoneacre motor group, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton asked four local schools to participate in their first ‘create your own Fiat 500’ competition.

The children received a Fiat 500 template and had a month to submit their creative designs.

The design made by Laila Wilde from High Bank junior, infant and nursery school was chosen to be replicated on a Fiat 500 which is worth over £6,000.

Sales manager Ryan Bingham, 28 from Rochdale said: “The competition was a massive success. Because we have such a large local client base who spend a lot of money with our branch, we wanted to do something to give back to the community.

“We’ve had so many entries which made it difficult to choose the winner but personally Laila’s design stood out to me.”

Laila Wilde, 9, said: “I’m glad I won, my classmates are really jealous, and I was so excited I did a victory dance.

“I love storms which is why I put lightning bolts on and rain droplets. It was so much fun, and I still can’t believe I won.”

The design was unveiled on Saturday November 10 at Cleckheaton Christmas festival with a personalised number plate for Laila.

Laila’s mother, Cheryl Knight, 32, Hare park close, Liversedge said: “We were shocked when we found out Laila was chosen as a winner. We knew that her picture was really good but also knew that other schools and children were competing.

“She’s always been artistic, even when she was younger, she would always make sure to not go over the lines. I suppose she got that from her Dad, he loves to draw as well.

“When we got to Cleckheaton Christmas festival, we couldn’t believe how well the car had turned out. She kept asking me whether Stoneacre would give her the actual car as a prize – I said no but at least she got to keep her personalised registration plate.”

The Stoneacre motor group have plans for similar competitions for summer 2019 and hope to involve more of their branches to take part.


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