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Yorkshire customers could be paying as much as £10 for their Friday Fish and Chips.

BY Georgia Levy-Collins

Fish and chips are arguably the most widely liked comfort food across the country: quick and easy to get and quite literally cheap as chips.

However, experts have warned that the public could be paying over a tenner for just one portion of your standard fish and chips meal.

This is after the ongoing conflict in Ukraine lead to sanctions being put over trading in Russia.

One of the largest industries to be hit with these sanctions was fish supply, so getting hold of any white fish is becoming a long and difficult process.

According to Regency Purchasing Group “Russia accounts for over 40% of global whitefish production”.

This has had a knock-on effect for local chippies as many have had to change they way they run their business just to make a profit and afford the white fish they need.

This could be make or break for a lot of chippies in the UK as the threat of closure is a very real issue for some shops.

Due to the various coronavirus lockdowns stopping service and reducing staff working hours, and the more recent cost of living crisis reducing peoples disposable income, fish and chips are not a priority anymore for most.

One local fish and chip takeaway in Horsforth “Woodside Fisheries”, has been trying its best to stay afloat anyway they can.

Owner Steven Greaves said: “We changed our prices this week, certain customers have been very understanding and some have been put off a little bit”.

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