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Yorkshire company in world’s first interactive live-stream panto

Yorkshire Voice

After a whirlwind of a year, Leeds based company PantoLive is hosting the world’s first interactive live-stream panto. 

Disney princess film Cinderella will be performed online to spread some Christmas cheer. 

Lianne Collinson, producer at Pantolive said: “Panto live is a platform that will be hosting pantomimes. The first is Cinderella – think of Netflix but for pantomime. 

“We are bringing in a virtual audience so they will be some lucky people that get to be part of our audience. Think Gogglebox or Saturday Night Takeaway.  

“The actors will be able to talk to people at home and we will be able to cut to that reaction. So, there will be some audience participation.” 

Lianne also said that the performers will be isolating for a week leading up to the premiere and everyone will be taking Coronavirus tests to ensure the safety of cast and crew. 

The cast include Jessica Ellis from Hollyoaks, Kimberly Hart-Simpson from Coronation Street and Chris Rankin from Harry Potter. 

Yorkshire Voice

West End star Katy Clayton is starring as Cinderella in the show. Katy said: “I’ve been patiently waiting by my phone during the year waiting for a call from my agent and I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw Adam was ringing me.  

“I was excited; I was like this sounds brilliant. I pencilled off my whole Sunday dedicating it to recording the self-take. 

“We’ve done a read through and a chat through zoom, it is actually really nice.  

“Normally when you start a project you start day one of rehearsals, you have rehearsal runs then you do everything else, everything is a bit upside down, back to front. 

“After this year to have an acting job, doing what I love, is just incredible. I’ve trained all my life to perform and the joy you get from standing there performing, looking out into the audience if you’re in the theatre and seeing people’s faces.  

“That buzz you get is infectious and I’ve really missed that this year, I think December is going to be an absolute corker.” 

The show is set to bring live theatre, virtual sets and an interactive audience onto everyone’s screens just in time for Christmas. 

With four live streams, anyone around the world can tune in and watch Cinderella online. The worldwide premiere is on December 18 and tickets can be purchased here. 

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