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Yorkshire boxer champions healthy hearts

by Emma Kirwan

A former world boxing champion will be among those promoting healthy lifestyles in Leeds on Friday.

Heart Research UK has set up various activities for the event to raise awareness about the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

Activities will include fitness pointers from former world lightweight boxing champion Paul ‘Silky’ Jones who is also an ambassador for the chairty, and from Rugby Super League stars as walkers move along the route.

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Paul Jones, 48, of Leeds said: “The heart is the engine of our body so it needs to be serviced and in working order to prevent breakdowns, therefore living a healthy lifestyle is so important. I am proud to say that I am an Ambassador for Heart Research UK- it was a no brainier for me as the male side of my family have a long history of heart disease. At the walk I will be introducing the public to boxing training which is one of the best forms of fitness training, it should be a brilliant day.”

The event is part of a campaign to make people more active and reduce their risk of heart disease and related illnesses like type-2 diabetes by urging people to turn their working lunches into walking lunches.

Participants are encouraged to leave their desks for an hour or two and walk a short set route around the centre of town and engage in activities which will aim to encourage fitness and educate people about health and diet.

Activities will take place in Park Square, City Square, Lands Lane, Briggate and in front of the Leeds Art Gallery.

The Leeds Healthy Heart Corporate Walk begins in Park Square at noon on 17 July and walkers can join at hubs along the route. Entry is £2 and they get a wrist band and walkers’ pack as well as exercise and advice hubs along the way.

For more information on the walk and activities see:

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