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Wilder vs Fury III – The Build Up

Tyson Fury faces Deontay Wilder in the third and final segment of their championship bout. The pair had originally faced off in December in 2018 and Fury claimed that he was ‘robbed’ of his win as the judges declared the contest as a draw.

The Britain and the American faced off 14 months later after their first bout and Fury took apart the ‘Bronze Bomber’ and forced Wilder’s team to throw the towel in the seventh round.

Now the self-proclaimed ‘Gyspy King’ wants to put the doubters to bed by beating Wilder again to set up a title unification fight with either fellow Britain Anthony Joshua or Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk.

Meanwhile American Deontay Wilder has vowed “to shock the world again” as he aims to regain his WBC World Heavy Championship. Wilder has made significant changes in his team by getting rid of his former trainer Mark Breland and replacing him with Malik Scott, a former heavyweight boxer.

Wilder had made various excuses after his he lost the second bout and made a host of accusations aimed at Fury having ‘knuckledusters wrapped in his gloves and that his ring attire was too heavy which mentally drained him on the way to the ring.’ All these accusations which Fury and the WBC Championship denied.

In their last press conference, the pair exchanged heated words as Fury the master of trash talking goaded Wilder ‘”You’re in denial and you’re getting knocked out. Do yourself a favour and retire from boxing. Your legacy is in bits. Even all your excuses have been destroyed. You’re a weak man.”

Wilder responded “I don’t have to fight another day in my life, I am good – can you say the same thing? My family have an understanding, my children have an understanding, that daddy has a dangerous job – no other sport has claimed as many lives as boxing, they understand.”

Saturday’s fight is set to be a thriller with both men putting everything on the line with millions set to watch the bout all around the world.

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