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What has happened to Chelsea?

Chelsea football club was a team that was one of the most dangerous and consistent teams in Europe since Roman Abramovic became owner in 2003. In 2022 Roman Abramovic was sanctioned and was forced to the sell club by the English government due to his ties with Vladamir Putin after the war started in Ukraine. And that is what has happened to Chelsea, ever since this happened Chelsea haven’t been the same. Todd Boehly the AMERICAN business investor who is the owner of the baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers took over Chelsea and he hasn’t got a clue what he is doing. It all started when he sacked the manager that won Chelsea the Champions League in 2021 Thomas Tuchel, Tuchel was one of the very few managers that was loved by the Chelsea fans and I was absolutely gutted when he got sacked. Todd Boehly then went on to hire Graham Potter which I believe was a promising appointment by the club due to him doing a good job at Brighton with an average Brighton squad, Chelsea fans were told when he signed that he was going to be given time to put his project into place by the owners, 31 games later Graham Potter was sacked. Yes, he had the lowest win percentage out of any permanent manager at Chelsea, but Potter was brought in without being able to have a preseason and a clear out of the squad due to having players that were running out of contracts and wanting to leave so there were players there who really did not care anymore. Once potter was sacked, I personally believed that Chelsea needed to bring in someone who was going to settle the ship that was gradually falling, one name that I would have brough in is Jose Mourinho despite him being at Roma he would have been perfect for the job for 3 months, he would’ve have walked into the club and everyone would instantly respect him and listen to him, instead of this the owners brought in Frank Lampard who had been sacked from Chelsea in the past for not doing a good enough job but also recently before being appointed he was sacked from Everton due to them being at risk from being relegated, despite the love for Lampard that everyone has for him as a player everybody knew this wasn’t going to go well, and it didn’t, Lampard won 1 game out of 1 out of 11 games it was a very toxic and embarrassing time to be a Chelsea fan. The Chelsea board wanted to take their time with the next appointment as they wanted it to be the perfect fit for the club. They then went and hired Tottenham Hotspurs  best manage they’ve had Mauricio Pochettino which obviously didn’t go down very well with some of the Chelsea fans, so far Pochettino has managed to take Chelsea to 11th place in the Premier League which is actually worse than where Chelsea were under Graham Potter its also worse than the position Chelsea were in under Thomas Tuchel and this is why the questions get asked of the owners why would you back a manager who is doing worse but not back any of the previous managers who were doing better than the current one, the answer is money because they cannot afford to be paying off  a 3rd managers contract and I can only imagine they probably still regret sacking Tuchel.

The recruitment of managers isn’t the only problem with the board it’s the recruitment with the players. Boehly has spent around £1billion since being the owner of Chelsea and he has spent roughly £900 million of that on absolute rubbish, he only thinks of the future and there is nothing towards the present the average age of our team in the premier league is around 24 and that’s with Thiago silva in the team. One of the worst transfers which stands out for me is Mykhailo Mudryk who was very interested in going to Arsenal and Mudryk was very interested in going to Arsenal but arsenal didn’t want to pay the 100 million euros for the players but incomes Mr Boehly and Mr Eghbali who travel to Poland to meet with Shakthar Donetsk and Mudryks agents and agree a fee of 100 million euros for a player who they probably never seen play they just saw that Arsenal were interested in the player and wanted to take the player off of them. There is no structure, there is no recruitment, there is no present day plans they have spent around 150 million on players who are under 20 and none on players over the age of 30, in fact one of the reasons they weren’t interested in James Maddison the summer transfer was because he is “too old”, Maddison is aged 26. This shows that they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing because a team needs to be a mix of experience and youth, the only experienced players they have are Thiago Silva and Raheem Sterling and you can tell with Silva he has helped develop the young defenders in the team like Levi Colwill and Trevor Chalobah whereas in the midfield they spent over £200 million on Enzo Fernandez (age 23) and Moises Caicedo (age 22) who are great players don’t get me wrong but not worth the money and also not much better than Jorginho and Kovacic who they sold to Arsenal and Manchester city.

Chelsea fans will be hoping that the owners can do something to help the club for the future but if it stays the same for the next 5 years then there will be absolutely no hope.

What do you think?