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‘WE WILL REMEMBER THEM’ – Local community groups in Sheffield construct poppy cascade for Remembrance Day

A Remembrance poppy cascade, which was constructed by local community groups around Sheffield has been installed on the walls of Mosborough’s St Mark’s Church for the public to see.

The cascade, made up of over 2,500 poppies, was hand-crafted by a group of 20 people from community groups such as the Mosborough Women’s Institute, St Mark’s Church, the Joseph Stone Centre, the Mosborough History Meeting group, Elim Church and Mosborough Methodist Church.

Yorkshire Voice The poppy cascade at St Mark’s Church in Mosborough.

The project was overseen by Reverend Sue Stewart of St Mark’s Church alongside Janet Rowbotham from the Joseph Stone Centre and Linda Taylor from the Mosborough History Meeting Group.

Reverend Stewart told Yorkshire Voice: “We originally planned to do a community celebration for VE day. However, due to the new lockdown restrictions, we had to cancel.

“Usually we would have a full service at the church, and it would be teeming full of people including scouts, beavers and brownies which makes it a shame that we had to cancel.”

When asked about the construction of the cascade, Reverend Stewart said: “We got to together in groups of six and worked together while staying socially distanced.”

The poppy cascade, which had been made over several months was created in partial collaboration with the Salvation Army and local churches and installed on November 5, in time for Remembrance Sunday.  

Janet Rowbottam from The Joseph stone Centre in Mosborough told Yorkshire Voice: “One good thing that came from all of this is that we’ve had lots of ladies who have been crocheting and knitting at home by themselves who have been delivering and dropping off wool during the pandemic.

“People have not really seen that side of it and there have been lots of unknown individuals out there who have looked forward to dropping off wool and helping out.”

Reverend Stewart added: “The cascade has really brought the community together and helped to lighten people’s lives, people have even been encouraged to donate money which we had no intention of making at all.

“Some people wanted to donate to the church directly, but we wouldn’t accept it so all money that has been donated has been directed to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.”

Through online and in-person donations, the project managed to raise a total of £645 in the five days that the cascade has been installed.

Reverend Stewart told Yorkshire Voice: “Due to the recent rain showers the cascade is getting very heavy and will probably have to be taken down around 11 o’clock tomorrow [November 11] so if people want to stop by and see it in person you’ll have to stop by soon.”

If you would like to donate any money at the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal you can do so here:

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