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‘’We wanted to do more’’: Leeds organisation launches Christmas appeal for greyhound breeds in homing centres

A Leeds based organisation has launched a Christmas shoebox appeal to provide a festive surprise for breeds like greyhounds and whippets in 11 homing centres in and around Yorkshire this year. 

Founders of Sighthound Social Club, Claire and Steve White have successfully run this appeal alongside friends Simon and Eve for the last four years, with each year gaining more support and more donations. 

Each gift-wrapped box contains a variety of items including food, dentastix, collars, blankets and toys. 

To date, Sighthound Social Club has collected 85 shoebox donations to be delivered to 11 dog homing centres in and around Yorkshire.

Claire White said: ‘’The charities are so appreciative of absolutely anything that you can donate to them, especially during the past 18 months, because they’ve not been able to fundraise. 

‘’By supplying them with food and treats, it just keeps them ticking over and gives the dogs something nice to eat and look forward to.’’ 

Although the appeal was initially created to support sighthound breeds like greyhounds and whippets over Christmas, the shoebox donations also support various other breeds of dogs in centres such as RSPCA York and Blue Cross Thirsk. 

Steve said: ‘’By providing these shoeboxes, it means that the charities are not using their funds to buy what people think are everyday things. 

‘’Anything we can donate to help with feeding the animals and providing them with treats, means the kennels and homing centres have the money to make sure that medically, the dogs are on high welfare.’’ 

Working alongside Sighthound Social Club, owners of Treats2sit4, Stephanie Holloway and Paul Jagger made the decision to help rescue centres after witnessing a black lurcher thrown from a car in their village, and which they later found out needed palliative care.

Stephanie and Paul contacted their suppliers asking for help with the appeal, and in return received three pallets full of stock which they can only describe as unbelievable. 

Stephanie said: ‘’Without the likes of Sighthound Social Club, I’m sure these charities wouldn’t benefit as well as they do and receive the recognition that they all deserve.’’ 

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