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‘We fought like two warriors’ – How Tyson Fury defeated Wilder in their trilogy bout

A crowd of journalists circle around the ring inside the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas where Tyson Fury has knocked out Deontay Wilder just hours before. 

The Manchester born boxer is joined by world renowned promoters Bob Arum and Frank Warren, who begin the conversation with nothing but praise for Fury and his performance. 

The words from Bob, a man who has overseen fights with such greats as Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier, touch Fury who responds with a simple “Thank you Bob, I appreciate it” 

While the performance from the 6’9 Brit has left some lauding him as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time better than legends such as his namesake Mike Tyson , Fury keeps himself grounded. He said: “I can’t fight people from the past, all I’ll say is I am the lineal champion of my era.” 

Despite his humble demeanour, he can certainly count himself as a force in the Heavyweight division, following his knockout victory over Wilder the man boasts an impressive 32-0-1 record and in his own words “I’ve delivered 33 times and never let anyone down”. 

His fight with Wilder, the third and final bout in what can be considered one of the greatest fight trilogies in Heavyweight boxing history saw him knockout the bronze bomber and defend his belts. 

The performance on the night was impressive, although not as much of a masterclass as his victory over the American in their second fight, Fury controlled the ring and despite suffering two knockdowns, came out on top. 

Much of the Brit’s dominance is owed to his trainer Sugar Hill Stewart who joins him in the ring, topless and holding his fighter’s belt to his waist: “Without big dog Sugar Hill I would never have knocked him out” 

Tyson gives a big smile and shakes his trainer who returns the smile brightly, these two clearly have great chemistry and its showing in ring, those two fights against Deontay Wilder have seen him become ruthless and aggressive on the front foot, an almost unstoppable force when paired with The Gypsy King’s height and physicality. 

Fury knows this himself too, he has a confident swagger to himself as he announces “I’ve always said it very very clearly, there’s only way to beat Tyson Fury and that’s to knock me spark out. If you can’t do that, I’ll win”. 

What may seem like an arrogant comment to some, is overshadowed by the charisma of the man, and although some may not like to admit it, many know there is plenty of truth in the quote. 

Wilder has come closest to knocking out The Gypsy King although famously has seen him rise from the canvas to beat the count and beat the odds including the two knockdowns in the 4th round of this bout. 

Fury however, is no stranger to adversity or overcoming struggles. 

His confidence is a drastic opposite to the depressed and overweight figure seen in 2017 and the struggles he has faced to become the Heavyweight Champion of the world once again are seen by many to be one of the greatest sporting comeback stories of all time. 

He added: “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t, time and time again I show it’s possible to achieve anything you want as long as you believe it in here” he exclaims pointing to his head. 

“He shook me, he put me down but that’s boxing, its life aswell, its not about how many times you get put down, it’s about how many times you can come back and keep moving forward” 

It’s something heard many times in the sport but Furys performance following the two knockdowns really did drive home this point, as just like with his own personal battles out of the ring, he battled back and came out on top in this fight. 

Following the fight, many are asking what is next for Tyson Fury? He admits himself that the next few months will be “spent at home with his wife and kids”. A well-earned rest for a man who’s trained almost relentlessly for the previous 6 months. 

Fights against Usyk, Joshua and Whyte all seem like valid options for The Gypsy King: “they are both good champions and I respect them” said Fury of the first two but in reality only he and his team know who he will face next. 

No matter what happens next in his career, Tyson is of the believe that “whatever is written in the stars is meant to be”. His redemption is complete, and now all that is left is to see what the future will hold. 

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