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Twitter Reacts To Tony Blair’s Latest Look

By Tom Heath

Ex-Labour leader Tony Blair was interviewed last night on ITV regarding a potential second referendum as well as devolution.

The real revelation though was his mullet-like hairstyle which immediately began trending on Twitter, with feeds quickly becoming inundated with people’s reactions to the latest style choice from the former Prime Minister.

Like this one from Twitter user @mattsgorman, who commented on Blair’s transformation into Back to the Future’s Doc Brown. All he needs now is that time-travelling Delorean and he’s all set!

Another user on twitter, @cjayanetti saw a similarity to another time-travelling doctor, in this case the very first Doctor Who, played by William Hartnell. Perhaps a late career change may be in order?

Dan Waterfield (@danwaterfield) opted out of making a ‘lookalike’ comparison, instead insisting that across Tony Blair’s entire political career, THIS was the worst decision he has ever made.

In response to his tweet, one of his followers simply proclaimed he was ‘for the first time in a long time’ glad to be bald.

Any fans of Lord of the Rings may see something a little familiar about Blair’s barnet, @lukewSavage agreed and questioned whether the former Prime Minister was now living in Isengard, let’s just hope that he doesn’t have The One Ring to rule us all…

Francis Fryscak disagreed with this assessment, citing fellow Lord of the Rings character Denethor as a more suitable comparison, see for yourself!

Finally, Athletic UK writer Adam Hurrey (@FootballCliches) saw something a little bit different, believing that Tony Blair now has the appearance of a Africa Cup of Nations winning manager.

With three different teams of course, Adam even provided dates for this imaginary set of events, marking Blair’s managerial success as coming between 1988 to 2010.

It seems that the 67-year-old hasn’t quite managed to get himself booked in for a haircut yet, or perhaps he like so many others have decided they quite like the lockdown look.

All of this demonstrates the remarkable ability of social media to come together and have a bit of a laugh, hopefully, Tony Blair sees the lighter side of things too.

What do you think?