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Tram system plans suggested to replace HS2

By Abbey Maclure and Elisha Atkinson

A tram system could be reintroduced into Leeds City Centre after plans have been brought forward by The Taxpayers Alliance.

The Taxpayers Alliance asked critics to draw up alternative plans to the controversial HS2.

Harry Fone, employee at The Taxpayers Alliance said: “Well what it’s going to mean is better transport for the people of Leeds.

“Leeds in terms of its transport is pretty poor. The entrance to the competition has recommended a super tram system I believe is employed in Germany to in effect get commuters closer to their destination, getting them out of cars as well.

“You would also be reducing air pollution so it’s a win win. It’s a no brainer, I can’t believe the government haven’t already implement this. That’s the whole point of this report, to highlight these issues.

“We have identified 28 projects that only come to £45.2 Billion, so that’s £11Billion less than HS2, all with a positive environmental impact.

“The big problem is that you still have to get to the railway station where HS2 goes from and that’s what takes the time.

“Unless, the Leeds Supertram System that’s the great thing you can get people that better access to railway hubs. It’s a complete no brainer, I don’t understand why the government aren’t doing it.”

Plans for a Supertram were dropped in 2005, after the government dropped funding.

A second scheme for trolley busses was introduced but was dropped again 10 years later.

Approximately £72Million was spent on the travel proposals.

Leeds is the only major UK city without a mass transit system.

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