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Three Films In Three Years From Tornado Terri 

Making use of her tornado like energy, Terri Dwyer, former Hollyoaks star and Loose Women TV presenter turned producer, has launched three films in three years. 

Attending Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism and Media Week for her latest film, Bolan’s Shoes, Ms Dwyer spoke candidly. Her son has recently been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and she herself displays classic high energy ADHD behaviours. However, Ms Dwyer does not see this as a drawback but rather a positive attribute to cope with the sleep deprived, demanding role of the producer. She said: “I don’t sleep much; I’ve got loads of energy and I don’t rest much.”

Terri Dwyer discusses her amazing energy

The shoot for Bolan’s Shoes involved moving crew and equipment to over forty locations across Liverpool, the Wirral and north Wales. Going the extra mile Ms Dwyer even took to late night soup making to keep the crew happy in miserable weather. Ms Dwyer described the role of producer as “putting out lots of fires and putting together a really complicated jigsaw”. 

All three productions of Ms Dwyer’s films were impacted by Covid.  Her initial feature, The Break, was made and launched during strict Covid pandemic restrictions. Demonstrating a refusal to give in and be stopped in her tracks, the film’s premiere was the first ever to be held at a pop-up drive-in. Even incorporating the traditional star-studded red carpet! 

Ms Dwyer is passionate about making films in regions away from London. She said: “As an actress I spent my life trotting off down to London with my little case. We have so much to offer in the regions and for a long time have been overlooked.” Her love for the north west, a region she has made her home, shone through as she talked about the architecture in Liverpool, the beaches and nearby north Wales.  

Ms Dwyer’s acting career has spanned TV, film and theatre. She played the lead role of Ruth Osborne in Hollyoaks for six years. Following this, she had a successful career as a TV presenter on 60 Minute Makeover, This Morning as well as Loose Women. Earlier this year her second film, A Stranger in Our Bed, won a National Film Award. She founded Buffalo Dragon production company with Greg Barrow in 2020. 

Maybe Ms Dwyer’s speed of production should not surprise us. She was after all a winner on the reality TV sporting challenge show, The Games. She has proved herself an accomplished athlete, actor, TV presenter and producer. 

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