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“There needs to be consistency”: Leeds travel agent criticises new Covid-19 tests for UK arrivals

Nathalie Thouvignon, director of Holidays by Design in Horsforth.

An independent travel agent in Horsforth has criticised the latest testing requirements for people travelling abroad, calling for a more “consistent” approach.

This follows the new restrictions enforced this week that require all UK arrivals to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test completed through a private company up to 48 hours before they travel.

If the test result is positive, travellers must comply with the quarantine guidelines of the country that they are in.

Nathalie Thouvignon, director of Holidays by Design in Horsforth, said: “I think that testing is here to stay. But there needs to be consistency.

“The problem that we’ve had in our industry is that things have swapped and changed very quickly over time, and this is why we’ve struggled with having to cancel and move people’s holidays.

“It’s been a constant battle.”

Thouvignon thinks that the new requirements will deter people from wanting to travel abroad, and this will negatively impact her business.

“We need to – as a world – come up with something to allow travelling to happen.

“It just seems to be that one minute travelling without testing is fine, the next minute it’s not, but that’s probably going to be the case for quite a while.”

Uber driver Imran Ali, from Bradford, was supposed to fly to Italy next week, however is unsure whether to cancel his trip following the new testing requirements.

“The new testing system is making it hard for me.”

Robert Welbourn, an author from Leeds, has had to cancel his upcoming holiday to Latvia.

He said: “I think the new testing requirements are the best that can be done under the circumstances.

“It’s probably like every restriction in this country – too little too late – but it’s the most the government is able to do.

“It’s better than just letting people in without a test and just letting the virus run rampant.”

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