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The Voyds to front local Halloween scare-show in Todmorden

BY Katie Haseldine

HALLOWEEN is nearing and the infectious spooky theme has spread throughout Yorkshire.

There is no exception for the Hare and Hounds, on the outskirts of Yorkshire, in Todmorden. The country pub is hosting a Halloween show with local band, The Voyds, fronting the event.

The band, who describe their music as “alternative, with a whisper of disco”, is made up of four local lads, Joseph Whitehead, Joseph Pritchard, Joseph Wilde and Kristan Read.

Their friendship has revolved around their love for music for several years, and this ultimately brought the band together six months ago.

The Voyds have already played several gigs around the town, and feel their music is popular with the locals.

“The response to the songs we put up on our Soundcloud has been overwhelmingly positive, which is something we are all really proud of,” said lead guitarist Joseph Pritchard.

And if their recent events are anything to go by, the Halloween show is bound to be a success.

Joseph Whitehead, guitarist, said: “When we played our first gig last month it felt great. We packed out the venue and had the whole room going crazy.”

Although their music is of the alternative genre, the lads’ musical influences range from all kinds of genres, from rap to folk music.

From Bruce Springsteen, to Kendrick Lamar, to the Streets, each member of the band says that they are inspired by different artists.

“We do have quite an eclectic mix of influences,” said Joseph. However, they can all agree that The Venga Boys’ early vinyl music is their combined favourite.

Springsteen fan, Joseph, said that not only is he influenced by the folk singer’s music, but his musical thinking is also somewhat inspiring.

He quoted a famous line Springsteen once said: “You should cover every song, play every gig, live together and listen to the Beatles. Non-stop.”

Bandmate Joe Wilde joked: “But so far we have done basically none of those things, and that’s working out pretty well too!”

The popular local family pub will also have prizes for the best outfit, ghouly games, hot food, and plenty of other Halloween entertainment for all.

The Voyds play at Todmorden’s Hare and Hounds this Saturday, October 28, at 9pm.

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