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Tap into Refill Yorkshire’s water bottle campaign

by Roseann Hughes

A NATIONAL CAMPAIGN to reduce plastic use is now calling for help here in West Yorkshire.

Refill Yorkshire wants businesses to let us refill our reusable water bottles from their taps.

Coordinator Charlotte Hawkins says they just need to display a simple sticker in their window: “Businesses can get in touch to sign up to become a refill station, or they can download the app and they can sign up themselves – all they need is a photo.”

Other cities in Yorkshire have signed up to the campaign, including Refill Selby and Refill Yorkshire.

Charlotte says it can benefit small independent shops to become refill stations, adding: “It might bring people’s attention to a shop that maybe they didn’t know was there before.

“Once they come into your shop they might see something that they like.

“It also shows a general good-will of a business to potential customers.”

Anyone interested in finding out the location of their nearest refill station can download the App. So far only a few companies in Bradford have registered.

People can also encourage their local shops, cafes and museums by talking to them about it.

Refill started out in Bristol in 2015. It began as part of the campaign group City to Sea’s aim to prevent plastic pollution.

This idea can help people save money, especially when keeping hydrated in this warm weather.

Charlotte says: “It’s hot so people need to drink lots of water.

“You can’t carry enough around with you for the whole day, so it’s really good if you can find somewhere where you can refill your water for free and don’t have to keep buying plastic bottles.”

There are already 10,000 refill stations around the UK.

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