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Swansea held to a draw at the Liberty Stadium resulting in fan frustration.

Coming into this match Swansea sat firmly in mid table and Rotherham where just above the relegation zone. This match was seen as a chance for Swansea to make a start on ending the season well , as they have underperformed in many fans eyes leading up to this fixture with only 11 wins out of 33 games .

Less than a minute in some docile defending from Swansea allowed Ogbene some space for a shot which just about ricochet off of the woodwork and had to be put out for a corner which came to nothing.

Swansea’s first chance of the game came from Cooper who ran at Rotherham’s defence before placing his shot directly at the gloves of the keeper , the Swans where looking particularly shaky  at the back early on and were ‘bailed out’ multiple times in the first 5 minutes by Nathan Wood.

30 minutes in nothing much happened in the match up to this point. Swansea defended well in numbers and silenced most of the millers attacks before they had the ball in the box and very rarely got forward themselves.

The hosts had their best chance of the half come from a direct ball to ex-Plymouth loanee Morgan Whittaker who tried to ‘dink’ the ball over Johansen who in return put the ball wide which was eventually cleared .

The first goal of the match came from Swansea’s Joel Piroe who touched the ball down with ease before putting it wide of Johansen for his 13th goal of the season .

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At the end of the first half Swansea led by a goal to nil. The millers would have been angered by their first half performance as they started the match the better of the two sides with the best chances. Had Shane Fergusen made the most of his free kick the score could have been the opposite way around . The visitors had a lot to do in the second half.

Only five minutes into the second half an un-contested cross from Rotherham falls to Ogbene who at first falls onto the ball before placing it into the net , levelling the game in the progress . The millers now had a chance to get a result at the liberty stadium which would have raised confidence in boss Matt Taylor who hasn’t had the best time at the helm.

Ogbene was causing all sorts of problems for Swansea early ion in the second half and won a foul for the visitors just outside of the box , Shane Fergusen took the resulting free kick which was struck off the wall for the second time this match.

The game seemed to die out after the previous goal from Ogbene with the best chance after that being Piroes header which went wide of the post , it looked like both teams where content with a point each.

The second half was extended by a further five minutes both sides hadn’t made an impact in the 40 plus minutes since Ogbenes goal and now had a final chance to find a winner.

Rotherham were given the final opportunity of the match from a corner which bobbled around the box before being cleared , ending the match in a draw. This match will not live long in the minds of supporters, a dull affair with nothing to separate both teams.

Swansea 1 – Rotherham 1