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St James’s cements its place at forefront of British cancer treatment

Versa HD Machine

Versa HD Machine

By Jamie Smith

A revolutionary cancer treatment is being showcased in Leeds today after a successful six month trial at St James’s University Hospital.

Versa HD fine tunes the treatment of lung cancer while reducing treatment time by 42 per cent and increasing the number of patients who can be helped at St James’s.

A roadshow being held in Leeds today will feature expert speakers from Germany and Switzerland as well as NHS representatives from around the UK.

Dr Vivian Cosgrove, head of radiotherapy physics at St James’s University Hospital, said: “Up to 60 patients per day are scheduled for treatment on one of the Versa HD systems. As many as six patients can be treated per hour.”

The new machine is helping to successfully manage the 7,500 cases that Dr Cosgrove’s unit deals with every year.

Since Leeds acquired the machine, hospitals in Germany, Denmark, Spain and the US have followed suit.

Today’s event sees many more NHS hospitals looking to adopt the successful new treatment following the Leeds trial.



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