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Seed Of Chucky is a certified queer cult classic

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by Hashaam Yaqoob

In 2004, Seed Of Chucky released to absolutely terrible reception and effectively killed the franchise for almost 10 years.

But like Bladerunner, The Big Lebowski and Scarface before it; Time has been kind to this once much maligned horror-comedy.

The internet is now looking back and re-examining its image.

The dark comedy, LGBTQ+ themes, and one of Jennifer Tilly’s best performance has found a new home in the hearts of newer viewers.

Seed Of Chucky follows the story of the titular doll and Tiffany’s child; Glen/Glenda.

Which implies Chucky can engage in the ‘do’ which is far more disturbing than anything the franchise has shown before.

But perhaps the most interesting thing in the movie is the subtle as a sledgehammer trans/ non-binary subtext.

Glen/Glenda doesn’t identify as either gender, and often flips in between, a lot of the film engages with this dilemma and their story arc ends with Glen/Glenda accepting their genderless form.

For a film that came out in 2004 it’s quite impressive that it managed to capture something that seems so recent.

In fact discourse surrounding the film re-emerging is probably because of the latest Chucky series, many nerds with too much time on their hands are complaining about the gays appearing in their favourite slasher series directed by a gay man.

Jennifer Tilly makes a return in Seed Of Chucky, not just as Tiffany but also a meta and self-aware version of herself, as she tries to sleep with a director to get the role of Virgin Mary.

She also makes time to reference the brilliant film Bound whenever she can.

The film made loads of people angry by switching from horror to dark comedy, but after five films there’s only so many ways to make a little ginger doll intimidating, and the film manages to be hilarious.

With Glen/Glenda being mentioned in the Chucky show, perhaps it’s time for you to give this film a second chance.

What do you think?