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Saved from slaughter in York as charity rehomes 20,000th battery hen

By Lizzy McEllan

A BALDING battery hen has become the 20,000th bird in York to be re-homed after living in “rancid” cage conditions.

Volunteers from the British Hen Welfare Trust rescued 540 hens from a battery farm in Chesterfield on Saturday morning.

The hens – who were saved from slaughter – were transported to safety at Low Moor Farm in Sand Hutton, where 90 people arrived to adopt and re-home them.

Ronnie Morritt, the area collection co-ordinator for BHWT, said: “It makes me very happy, but then equally I know that we have left thousands behind that won’t have ever seen grass or wind or sun or rain.

“This is our 48th re-homing and we’ve now had 20,000 hens adopted here. It’s a lot of work but I don’t think we’ll be stopping anytime soon!”

The 20,000th hen was adopted by Ruth Beckett, who has already adopted 12 battery hens from the charity.

She said: “It’s such a special moment. It’s not just bringing hens into your life. It’s giving hens a chance to live as nature intended them to live.

“It’s a very special moment. I just can’t get over how exciting it is. It really is very, very special.”

Details about battery hen re-homing with BHWT can be found at:

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