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Roundhay Park welcomes back The English Art Company

By Olivia Dobson

Catriona Moore the founder of the English Art Company

A display that aims to help artists increase their income has come back to Roundhay Park for a third time.

The display, which is taking place in the Mansion Conservatory, is being hosted by the English Art company. Catriona Moore, from Roundhay, founded the company to help artists increase their income by photographing their original art.

Catriona said: “Last October for a couple of weeks we got 1,000 people through the doors, which displayed 10 local artists work from the Leeds area but also local and gift producers which was hugely positive.

“Then it took us around five or six months to get approval from the council to come back again. We popped up again at the end of March and got 4,000 people through the doors.

“I chose this space for the display as its absolutely perfect, the light is fantastic and we have been here through all the different seasons it is great for art. As a location it is really well populated and really well visited.”

The public are able to browse the art work but can also buy the pieces.

Simon Lewis, Four colour screenprint

She added: “The purpose of the exhibition and the company is to support artists, to sell and promote their work and to give income back to the artists.”

Catriona went onto explain how they chose which artists work would be exhibited at Roundhay Park.

She said: ” We put a call out at the end of September on curators space with a specific brief for what we were looking for here at the park.”

The work needed to be connected to Leeds, to Yorkshire and Roundhay Park. It also needed to have an animal, natural and well-being theme.

The display is open 7 days a week from 10am -4:30pm.

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